Here starts the 110 years history of Estonia UMC
1907 June

In Roomassaare harbour, in Saaremaa, Vassili Täht and Karl Kuum land by ship.

1910 July 25

The Reeküla Preaching Point is officially registered as a Methodist Church.

1910 August 26

In Arensburg (current Kuressaare) the Methodist mother church in Estonia is registered.

Kuressaare Church
in the early days
1910 September 8 A Methodist Church is started in Tõlluste (former Püha).   
1912 July 15The first continental Estonia Methodist Church is started in Tapa, called Tapa Methodist Church.  
1912 October 28

The newly built first wooden Methodist Church in Kuressaare is consecrated.

1918 March 9Haapsalu Methodist Church is started.
Haapsalu Church
in the early days
1920 May  The First volume of The Estonian Episcopal Methodist Church’s magazine Christian Advocate is issued.   

Rakvere Methodist Church is started.

1921  July 27–31

The first Estonian Methodist Episcopal Church’ s annual conference is held in Haapsalu. 

1921 August 30

Pärnu Methodist Church is started.
1922The Preaching Point of Haapsalu congregation is started in Nigula (independent congregation since 1924).  
1922 March 3Tallinn Methodist Church is started.  
 1922 April The Preaching Point of Tallinn congregation is started in Nissi.  
1922 July 23The first continental Estonia church building for Methodists is consecrated in Haapsalu.   
1923 July 28
Tartu Methodist Church is started.   
1924 The Preaching Point in Nissi is registered as an independent congregation. The work had started in 1922 as Tallinn’s Preaching Point.

The Preaching Point of Kuressaare congregation is started in Torgu, in Hänga village.

Narva Methodist Church is started. Services are held in rental rooms.

1924 May 15

Kõrkvere (former Pöide) Methodist Church is started.   
1924 August  Lihula House of Prayer, functioning already since 1923 as the Preaching Point of Haapsalu congregation, is consecrated.   
1924 August 17 

Tapa Methodist Church is consecrated.  

1925 May 23  

Kunda Methodist Church is started.

Kunda methodist church members in early days
1926 September 1

Tartu Methodist Church in Vallikraavi street is consecrated.

1927 Summer

Tallinn-Kopli or the Tallinn second Methodist Church is started.


1928 October 28

Torgu Methodist Church is consecrated.

Torgu Church
in the early days
1928 December 9

Tõlluste (former Püha) Methodist Prayerhouse is consecrated.

1929 August 25

Rakvere Methodist Church is consecrated.

Rakvere Church
in the early days
Puka Preaching Point of Tartu congregation is started. 
Puka Church
in the early days

1930 March 10

Viljandi Methodist Church is started.

1931 March 1Tartu’s second congregation is started next to the Abstinence Society called The Blue Cross.   
1932 May 15Kõrkvere (former Pöide) Methodist Church is consecrated.  
1933 October 4

The hall of Narva Methodist Church next to the town hall is consecrated.
1934 April 8

Paide Methodist Church is started.

1935  January 27

Tallinn-Kopli Petlemma (or Bethlehem) Prayerhouse is consecrated.   

1935 October 20

Reeküla Methodist Church is consecrated.


1937 June 20  

Puka Methodist Church is consecrated.   
1938  January 30

Paide Methodist Church is consecrated.

1941 July 5Jaan Jaagupsoo dies as a martyr. 

1942 September 9

Martin Prikask dies as a martyr.

1942 September 21

Peeter Häng dies as a martyr.  
1942 September 30
Vassili Prii dies as a martyr.

1944 March 9  Tallinn Methodist Church in Veerenni street is destroyed by the Soviet army bombing Tallinn. 
Veerenni Church
in the early days
 1948 July Hugo Oengo is dismissed from his position as lecturer of the Polytechnic Institute by order of the Deputy Minister of Higher Education of the USSR.
He was branded as unsuitable solely for being a Christian and working in a religious organization that, ironically, was actually permitted by Soviet Law.
1950 July 9 
The last service is held in the Petlemma (or the Bethlehem) Prayerhouse in Kopli after which the building is expropriated by the
Soviet regime.

1950 July 16 The congregation in Tallinn started to use the Adventist Church as a sub-tenant at Mere puiestee 3.
Mere pst. 3 in Tallinn 
1952 May 27Aleksander Kuum is deported to a prison camp in Siberia.
1956 July 1 Aleksander Kuum returns from the Siberian prison camp safe and sound.  

1957 February 18

Tallinn Methodist Church starts ministry in Russian.  
1959 May 5  The first official board meeting is held in the Apteegi Street 3 building of Tallinn Methodist Church.  

1960 January

Apteegi street 3 building is accepted by the state committee. 
Building in Apteegi street 3 before and after reconstruction. 

1960 August 11 

Ruusmäe Methodist Church is started.  

1967 February 12 

Narva Methodist Church is re-established.  

1969 June 22

The House of Prayer of Narva Methodist Church is consecrated at 3 Roheline St. 12.
1971 May 9
Jõhvi Methodist Church is started. 
Jõhvi kirik today 
1986 June 22Narva Methodist Church is consecrated at Rakvere St. 4. 
Narva church today 
1988 March 16Räpina Methodist Church is started. Since July 22 1988 the services are held at Vabaduse St. 1.  

1990 May

The Methodist Church’s magazine is re-issued,
re-named to “Koduteel“ or
On The Way Home.
First edition of „Koduteel“ magazine, 1990
1990 May 24 Kärsa Methodist Church is consecrated.
Kärsa church 
 1991 January 30  Kärsa Methodist Church is started. The first service was held in Kärsa Orthodox Church already on 14 May 1989.  

1993 April 4 

Keila Methodist Church is started.  
1993 April 24 The first public church service is held in the rooms of the local Keila constructor office at Paldiski Rd 28a; currently the services are held at Põllu St. 5.   
1993 November 10 Paldiski Methodist Church is started.   
1994  January 30Kunda Methodist Church is re-established.  
1994 May 28 The groundbreaking for the new Tallinn Methodist Church at Narva Rd. 51.  
1994 October 1  The cornerstone is placed to the new Tallinn Methodist Church.  
1994 August  The Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary is started in Tallinn, the Apteegi St. 3 building.  
1994 October 2The building of Võru Methodist Church is consecrated.  
 1994 October 23   Kohtla-Järve Methodist Church is started.  
1995 March 15A camping complex is bought at the Aa beach in Ida-Virumaa, which later is called the Camp Gideon. 
Camp Gideon church
1995 July 12 Aseri Methodist Church is started.  
1995 December 17 Pärnu Agape Methodist Church is consecrated – the first Methodist Church in the territory of the whole former Soviet Union, which was built after the World War II.  
1996 November 11  Tallinn Koidu Methodist Church is started. In 2006 it is changed into the Tallinn congregation’s Preaching Point.
1996 December 12Võru Methodist Church is started.  
1997 February 20Kohila Methodist Church is started. In 2006 it is changed into Paldiski congregation’s Preaching Point.  
2000 January 10 

Jõhvi Petlemma Methodist Church is started.

2000 August 19 Viitka Methodist Church is started.  
September 10 
The new Tallinn Methodist Church is consecrated.   

2001 January 17 

The Children’s Centre Tähetorn is started. The first rooms were in the Apteegi St. 3 building).  
2001 July 2 Sillamäe Methodist Church is started. 
 Sillamäe church
2001 October 26 Sakussaare Methodist Church is started.  
2002 June 6
The cornerstone is set to the Tartu St. Luke’s Methodist Church.

2002 November 17 Concecration of Tartu St. Luke’s Methodist Church.  
2003With the assistance of the Havre de Grace connecting congregation, a former bank building is bought for the Sillamäe congregation.   

2007 January 28


The building of the Kohtla-Järve Kolgata congregation is consecrated at Torujõe St 5. In 2016 the building is bought, in assistance of 
the Mt. Bethel’s Church –      a connecting congregation – to the Estonian Methodist Church. 


2007 June

The Estonian Methodist Church’s 100th anniversary celebrations are held in Kuressaare; The Jubilee is commemorated with two anniversary books, The Estonian Heroes of the Cross (Eesti Ristikangelasi) and The Estonian Methodist Church in 1907–2007 (EMK 1907–2017).


2012  June 19

Annual Conference accepts a new church into Estonia UMC which was established by Stanislav Ossipov in 2008. The new name is Tallinn New Beginning UMC. In February 2013, the new congregation is officially registered Under the Estonian UMC. 


2017 June

The Estonian Methodist Church’s 110th anniversary celebrations are held in Tallinn, Estonia. At the same time, the meeting of the Friends of Estonia is held. Olav Pärnamets’ book called Life In The Grace („Elu armu arvel“) is published and presented. Olav Pärnamets was the superintendent of the Estonian Methodist Church in 1979–2005.