1517 October 31

Martin Luther posts the 95 theses on the Wittenberg Castle Church’s door.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther translates the New Testament into German.



William Tyndale publishes his translation of the New Testament in English.


The results of the Reformation are ensured and "The Book of Common Prayer" becomes the basis for the liturgy of the Church of England.

1686 The very first Estonian translation of the New Testament is published: The Wastne Testament.   
1703   June 28 (June 17)

The birth of John Wesley to Samuel and Susanna Wesley in Epworth, England.

John Wesley
1707 December 18The birth of Charles Wesley to Samuel and Susanna Wesley; Charles will later write over 6000 hymns.
Charles Wesley
 1709 February 9John Wesley is rescued from the Epworth rectory fire. Later John calls himself “a brand plucked from the burning.”   

Charles Wesley starts a prayer group at Christ Church, Oxford. Later the group becomes  the “Holy Club.”

 1729 winterJohn Wesley takes over the leadership of the Oxford “Holy Club.”  
1735 October 14

John Wesley starts his journey to the Georgia colony.

1736 Sunday,
January 25
Wesley is on a boat trip sailing from England to America to go to minister to the British settlers in Savannah, Georgia. When a fierce storm breaks out, Wesley is in real fear of death. On the boat, he meets a group of German Moravians who are not afraid at all and are singing peacefully in the middle of the storm. When the boat trip ends, Wesley asks the Moravian leader about the reason for their calmness, to which he is answered with a question, “Do you have faith in Christ?“ Wesley says that he does. But later thinks to himself, “I’m afraid they’re just empty words.“ This subjective truth leads him to seek through his soul, which ends in a respectable culmination.   
 1737 December

John Wesley leaves Georgia and travels back to England.

1738 May 24
The Aldersgate experience - John Wesley takes part in the Moravian prayer meeting at Aldersgate street in London, where Martin

Luther’s preface to the letter of Romans is read. At around quarter to nine in the evening John feels his “heart strangely warmed”. Wesley finally gets the assurance of salvation that he had long sought. 


1738 Summer

A month after the Aldersgate experience, Wesley decides to travel to continental Europe and visit the Moravian communities in Heerendijkis, the Netherlands, and in Marienborn, Germany. A meeting also takes place with Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. Wesley and Zinzendorf discuss justification and salvation together at Marienborn’s former Convent.

Wesley returns to England, valuing highly what he has seen. Shortly thereafter, Wesley establishes rules for the Band-Societies.

On the second floor of the Moravian Church in Herrnhut there is a small museum where Zinzendorf and Wesley’s busts are standing side by side.

Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

1738 Saturday, August 12

Wesley wrote in his Journal: “Today was the Intercession-day, when many strangers were present, some of whom came twenty or thirty miles. I would gladly have spent my life here; but my Master calling me to labour in another part of his vineyard, on Monday, 14, I was constrained to take my leave of this happy place; Martin Dober, and a few others of the brethren, walking with us about an hour, O when shall this Christianity cover the earth, as the “waters cover the sea?”


1739 April

John Wesley, encouraged by the example of George Whitefield, holds his first open air sermon near Bristol.

1744 June 25

The first Methodist Conference assembles in London, England.

1746 DecemberJohn Wesley starts a pharmacy (medical dispensary) for the poor.   
1771 September

Francis Asbury begins his journey from England to America.

Francis Asbury

1784 September


John Wesley ordains Thomas Coke to be the first Methodist superintendent (Bishop) for ministry in America.

Thomas Coke 
1784 December 24

The Methodist Episcopal Church is formally founded in America. Bishops Francis Asbury and Thomas Coke preside.

Baltimore's church 
1788  March 29

Charles Wesley dies.


1791 March 2

John Wesley dies at age 87. His last words are, “The best thing is that God is with us!“


Bishop William Burt appoints an American with German roots, Georg Albert Simons, for missionary work in St. Petersburg.  Simons meets a salesman for the British and Foreign Bible Society in St. Petersburg named Vassili Täht. Georg Albert Simons sends Vassili Täht to do missionary work in Estonia. Vassili Täht takes along his Christian brother, and his friend, Karl Kuum, a lay preacher, and they head to Saaremaa, Estonia to preach the Gospel.

Georg Albert Simons
Vassili Täht and
Karl Kuum